Drew Patton

City: Wichita, KS

Instagram: @CityBlades

Bio: I first found Drew through his YouTube videos where he was reviewing skate gear. His main style is flatland but he also has a background in aggressive and recently transitioned to ice skating in the winter.


Dylan Kingsolver

City: Durham, NC

Instagram: @dck_bladez

Bio: Dylan was the first person on the Compass team. I love how differently he looks at a spot. He has an aggressive background but prefers more Urban, Mushroom styles.


Guy Crawford

City: Toronto, Canada

Instagram: @Guy_Crawford

Bio: I’ve known Guy since he was skating for the UK 50/50 team back in the late 90’s. He’s one of the most well respected aggressive skaters still doing it, and has the cleanest bio 540 you’ll ever see.


Jason Marshall

City: Riverside, CA

Instagram: @BladeInum

Bio: Jason and I grew up skating aggressive together in Alameda, California. He went on to go pro with many companies, was a counselor at Woodward and was featured in a ton of videos. Discovering big wheels brought him back to skating after a long hiatus.


Brock Jacobs

City: Denver, CO

Instagram: @brocklie_skates

Bio: I’ve always had an appreciation of how difficult ice dancing was. Brock makes it look easy, on and off the ice. The way he floats across the pavement is incredible, something I didn’t think was possible on inlines until I saw him skate.